Epson printer printing blank page

Epson printers are popular among users across the globe for speed and efficiency. Often, users get Epson printer printing blank pages it is the most common error after Epson printer offline error. It is a cause for concern as it halts the printing of documents. On working hours, this can affect one’s productivity. Even if you operate it for your home use and unable to get prints, this should worry you because there can be an issue with your Epson printer ink cartridges, but don’t worry just chill because we will provide you with simple hacks that will solve your Epson keeps printing blank pages, printer not printing when the ink is full, or Epson printer not printing black issues.

The problem can appear in your printer at any point in time, and you might wonder why your printer has started acting bizarre all of a sudden. Therefore, you need to find the underlying cause of this matter to fix the issue. There can be numerous possible factors due to which your Epson printer printing blank pages or printer not printing properly. Check below to know more about these factors and the steps to fix this.


Mostly this error ‘Epson printer printing blank pages’ occurs after changing ink cartridge. It can also mean that your present cartridge has got out of order and that you need to change it with a new one. Additionally, you also cannot write off any hardware or software problem in your printer. An issue with the software or hardware of your printer can also be the culprit.

Above are some of the causes that could be behind this issue. Therefore, unless you perform some steps to diagnose the actual problem, it would be difficult to determine the exact reason for this issue.

Steps to fix Epson Printing Blank Pages (Epson XP 440)

Fix 1 – Empty Cartridge

Firstly, check the cartridge of your printer if it is empty. Occasionally, you may leave it empty by mistake. So, the first step to identifying the problem is to check if this is the reason behind the abnormal functioning of your printer.

Fix 2 – Disconnected Cartridge

Additionally, you will also get blank pages instead of prints because the output from your printer has disconnected cartridge. Occasionally, it happens that your printer has electronically disconnected cartridge. If you figure out this issue, the next thing you should do is reinstalling the cartridge. After reinstallation check if the printer is restored and take some prints.

Fix 3 – Incompatible Paper Size

To avoid any printing issues with your Epson printer it is important to make sure that you have chosen the right paper size settings. If you have changed the settings by mistake, set it back to the usual size and this will fix the issue.

Fix 4 – Clogged Nozzles

One of the key reasons for printing problem in many printers is clogged nozzles. This is also the key problem in Epson printer. This happens due infrequent and less use of your printer because of this your printer ink gets hardened, which then can block its nozzle of your printer. To fix this issue, consider using the “print head nozzle check” option. This method will restore the normal flow of ink, clearing up the clogged nozzles and fix the blank paper printer issue

Fix 5 – Upgrade Printer Driver

An out of date printer driver is one of the key causes of printer issues. Your printer is no exception to this rule. If you want that your printer does not suffer this issue, then it is important that you keep checking printer driver updates from time to time.

Epson Printer Models Compatible with Above Fix

Most of the Epson printer is compatible with the above fix.

Frequently asked questions on the net

Why  Epson printer not printing when the ink is full

Check if the cartridge vents are blocked. Try using a different ink cartridge to evaluate if your printer is ready to identify cartridges. If your Epson seemed to work with an old cartridge, try to re-install that old cartridge and see if your printer produces any output – any shade of grey will do.

Why is Epson printer not printing black

The levels of the ink may be low and you may need to refill the ink. Visually check the level of the ink. Also make sure that you have filled the tanks with the correct colours of the ink. After printing, the printout colors require time to set as the ink dries.

Why is my PDF printing blank?

Adobe has another issue of non-printing images, which may be parts of a PDF or all of the PDF. Solution is in the print dialog box, tap ‘Advanced’ and then choose “Print as Image” and it will be fine. You can’t select dpi in the Reader, but you can do it in the full Acrobat.


In conclusion, we learnt several solutions to fix your Epson printer printing blank pages for Windows 10 and Mac.

Hopefully, for you, this was your Ultimate Epson printer troubleshooting guide on ‘How to fix Epson printer keeps printing blank pages, printer not printing when the ink is full, or Epson printer not printing black.’.

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