Fix Epson Printer Offline windows 10

According to estimates, 80% of the Epson error is Epson printer offline error message. . When you cannot take a print from your printer because of the ‘Printer Offline’ error, you must follow the below easy techniques on ‘How to get printer online windows 10’ and fix it from the printer settings. Also, you will get your printer back online. Now, you will be able to print your documents again. Below are the trouble shooting methods to fix Epson printer offline Windows 10.


  • Epson introduced the first electronic printer in the market in 1968
  • Epson controls 55% of the inkjet printer market.
  • Laser printers create around 120 pounds of waste annually.
  • Printing is the third largest expenditure in the IT sector.
  • 90% of IT companies do not even know how many printers they have.
  • 50% of IT companies are print related.
  • Contrary to public expectations, paper use has increased by around 23% annually. Ideally, paper use should have gone down with growth in technology, but unfortunately, this is not the case.


If your screen Epson printer shows offline error messages, then it is a most likely configuration issue. Mostly, Epson printers display offline status due to outdated configuration with your system. Additionally, it could be software bug in system configuration, or the WIFI network is not strong enough.


Why is my printer offline? If your office printer is not working. Then, this leads to delay and affects productivity directly or indirectly. Now, if you are wondering how to fix this, you have come to the right place. Below are some of the Windows 10 printer offline fix.


The easiest way to fix the Epson printer offline issue is to disable the setting manually. Below are the steps.

  • Firstly, press the Windows and R keys together to run dialog box.
  • Secondly, type control panel then hit enter.
  • Thirdly, click on Devices and Printers in the Control Panel.
  • Fourthly, a window will appear which will show the model of your Epson printer. Now, right-click on your model and click “See what is printing”.
  • Now, to make sure that there is no tick mark on anything, you will have to click the printer option before checking “Use Printer offline”.
  • Lastly, now hit the printer option again and tick the “Set as Default Printer” option this time.


You should be aware of your network name (SSID) before reinstallation of Epson product software in your system. You can fix the Epson WIFI printer offline issue with the following steps:

  • Reset the Epson product WIFI setting by navigating to the control panel. Now, Setup > Restore Default Settings > Network Settings > Yes, and press OK.
  • Turn off both PC and printer and remove all cables.
  • Next, if the Epson printer is offline for Windows 10, go to the Apps screen > control panel > select control panel > Windows firewall.
  • Disable your firewall system.
  • Now, again to the Apps screen, select Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features. Uninstall the Epson printer product software from the list and select Uninstall/Change. 
  • Additionally, uninstall all the Epson printer software, such as Epson scan software Windows 10 and Epson Event Manager.
  • Moreover, switch off your WIFI router and detach all the cables associated with it. Now wait for 1 minute and then plug back all the cables and switch on.
  • Now, download Epson printer drivers and software for Windows 10 likeUtilities Combo Package. Save it on your PC.
  • Install the downloaded file and follow the instruction given. It will ask you to select the option“Select your Connection”. Now, hit the wireless connection from it and then hit Next.
  • A window will appear that says Select Setup Option. Now, select Set up printer for the first time.
  • Lastly, select a Wireless Network Setup Method. Hit that and follow the remaining on-instruction.

Hopefully, you have completed the WIFI setup and reinstallation of Epson printer software. Afterward, you can enable your system firewall. 


The next best method to fix the Epson printer offline issue is reinstalling your printer. Below are the techniques to help reinstall your Epson printer.

  • Firstly, Hit the Windows Key and R key together and open the Run dialog Box.
  • Secondly, run the command “devmgmt.msc” and press enter.
  • A Device Manager window appears that displays the list of devices.
  • Select Printer and Printer Queues, right-click on your Epson printer model, and select Uninstall.
  • Open the Run Dialog Box and type the control panel.
  • From the control panel, double click the option “Devices and Printers”.
  • Right-click and “Add a printer.”
  • Windows 10 can skip this step. Windows 7 users choose the Add a network, wireless, or Bluetooth printer box.
  • Now “Printer that I want isn’t listed.”
  • Choose the option ‘Add a printer using a TCP/IP address or hostname’ and hit next.
  • Now type the IP address and Port name of your Epson printer.
  • Lastly, reboot your computer and check whether the Epson printer is showing an offline error. Congrats, your printer is working.


Epson printer offline issues are common. They can happen because of problems with your printer, PC, or WiFi network. Try to check whether your printer could work without a PC. For instance, insert blank pages in the Epson printer to check if it is working. Try to print the nozzle check pattern utilizing the control panel on the Epson printer model. Insert a couple of plain sheets in the printer and select setup. Press OK and choose Maintenance. Press OK. Select the Print Head Nozzle Check option and hit OK.

Next, if able to print. Then, proceed to the next step. Alternatively, if unable to print, again print nozzle check pattern. Check the printer screen for any error messages.  If you get any, try to fix them all and try to print the Nozzle check pattern. Additionally, change the ink of the Epson printer.

Drop all the printing tasks and then try printing once more. Try to assign the printing task one at a time. Additionally, it could also be due to the weak WiFi connectivity issue. For this reason, your printer is unable to connect to the PC. Alternatively, if your WIFI connection is good, but still Epson printer offline error message pops up. Then, restart your WiFi and PC and check for the WiFi icon on your printer screen.

After trying the above methods but still getting the offline error, don’t stress. You can chat with our Epson technicians for 24*7 assistance. Our specialized group will provide you with the best solutions for printer errors and issues.


How do I change my Epson printer from offline to online Windows 10?

You can effortlessly fix the Epson printer offline and get it online in windows 10 by going to Start Menu bottom left of your screen. Then, run ‘Control Panel’ and then ‘Devices and Printers’. Right-click your printer model and select ‘See what’s printing’. Now, from the window that opens, select the option ‘Printer’ at the top. Hit on ‘Use Printer Online’ from the drop-down menu.

Can’t connect to Epson wireless printer?

You can fix the Epson printer offline wireless error and get it online in windows 10 by re-entering the correct WEP key or WPA passphrase. Now check the device is on and connected to your network. Now check that the WIFI light is on. If it is ‘ON’ then the error is fixed.

How do I fix my Epson printer offline?

If your printer shows Epson printer offline error message, which means your printer has some connectivity issues. Your Epson printer is not able to communicate with your PC because of hardware or software related issues. Slow or stopped Spooler service can make your printer go offline.


In conclusion, there are several reasons for your Epson printer showing offline error messages like the hardware issue, driver/software installation issue, connection issue, or operating system issue too. You can follow the above methods and effortlessly fix the Epson printer offline and get it online in windows 10. Otherwise, you can take the help of a certified Epson printer technician to stop the printer from going offline or install a diagnostic tool to check for errors to set the printer from offline to online mode.

Hopefully, this post was helpful to you and was a useful guide to troubleshoot Epson printer offline error and turn back in online mode for Windows 10. You can also check our other articles for troubleshooting like how to fix Epson printer not printing, printer printing blank pages, printer troubleshooting methods, etc.

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