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How do I clean my Epson printer heads manually

If you notice faded images or missing words in the printed copy because of printer head error. You may feel like you are in a catch-22 situation, and you are at your wits end. Do not worry, just chill. You do not have to move mountains for this. You can fix these glitches by cleaning the printer head. The best way to clean printer heads is to clean Epson printer head manually instead of using Epson printer head cleaning software.

As tiny amounts of ink residue dry out and get deposited in the nozzles, it is sometimes unavoidable that the printer heads get congested over time. To prevent ink from drying inside the nozzles, the idea of changing ink cartridges quickly when the low ink alert appears might be somewhat successful, but you may still face the same problem due to one or the other reasons. Therefore, even if you use a new Epson ink cartridge, blocked printer head can still occur.

If you do not immediately change your ink cartridge when you see a low ink warning, fading printouts will result. Your printer prepares the print head for the new cartridge when used with a new cartridge, and this method is often called priming. The negative side of this is when the printer pumps too much ink from time to time, the excess ink spills over the print head where the nozzles get jammed.

How to Clean an L210 Printer head?

If you do not turn your Epson L210 printer off and keep it in sleep mode, the ink can dry up in the nozzles when you do not routinely use it.

Steps to Clean Printer Head Manually

  • Firstly, on your PC, hit Start Menu and then Control Panel.
  • Secondly, in the menu, choose Hardware and Sound.
  • Thirdly, hit Devices and Printers.
  • Fourthly, in the printer list, select your printer. Now, right-click and choose Printing Preference.
  • Next, select Maintenance in the Pop menu.
  • Click on the Head Cleaning option. Wait for a few minutes.
  • Pick the Print Nozzle Check Pattern from the pop-up menu after the head cleaning is complete. Click Ok, if you get an option for a printing sample paper.
  • Now tap print from the pop-up menu. If you get the answer as Good, then your manual head cleaning was successful, or if the pop-up message displays that Cleaning is required. Then, perhaps you will need to clean your head again. Click either the Clean button or click Finish.
  • Finally, if your Epson l210 printer has successfully completed the manual head cleaning, you can print copies in the original format.

How to clean Epson l120, l360, l220, l3150, T13 printer head manually?

You can use the above method or similar method to clean these Epson printer heads manually.

Frequently asked Questions in Net

How do I unclog Epson printer head?

Remove the cartridges and spray in the holes where the ink flows into the printhead with some Windex. You can leave this for several hours or even overnight until all the dried ink is dissolved within the printhead.

Can you manually clean printhead?

You can clean the printhead can either manually or from a PC or printer. You will want to run a nozzle check before you start to ensure that your printhead needs cleaning, as this will save ink.

Can I use alcohol to clean printer head?

With only one liquid other than water, you can wash the sponge end of a blocked printer head. Isopropyl alcohol is this liquid. Isopropyl alcohol is not strong enough to melt the sponge but is strong enough to remove the ink from the blocked printer head.


In conclusion, with the above method you can clean Epson l120, l210, l360, l220, l3150, T13 printer heads manually. The best way to clean printer heads is to clean Epson printer head manually instead of using Epson printer head cleaning software.

Hopefully, this was your Ultimate guide in cleaning Epson printer head manually without using printer head cleaning software.

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