[100% Working] How to connect Epson Printer to Wifi in Easy Ways?

connect Epson Printer to Wifi

Users, if you are worrying, how do I connect my Epson to a new wireless router. Then stop worrying and keep your cool. You do not have to move mountains for this. We will provide you with simple techniques on how to connect your Epson printer like L3110, L3150, L385, XP-2105 and other printers to computer via WIFI or a new wireless router on both Mac and Windows 10.

How can I establish Epson printer and Wi-Fi connection?

In the next sections, you will learn how to connect your Epson printer to Wi-Fi on various systems, such as Mac, Windows 10, etc. We will share with you several procedures for connecting the device to the WIFI. We have explained all the methods, and we have described the steps. Make sure you first read all the steps to avoid making any mistakes.

Let’s start connecting the Epson printer to the Wi-Fi network with the fastest, easiest, and shortest procedure possible. We’re going to tell you how to establish this connection by using “Epson support.” You can execute this procedure in just 10 steps.

  • Firstly, make sure that your Epson printer is configured for a wireless network or an Ethernet connection. To do this, click the main windows “Epson Support” and choose your printer model.
  • Secondly go to the “Manual” section and then push the “Start” button to start the process.
  • Thirdly, download and install the ‘Epson Connection Printer Setup Utility.’
  • Fourthly, You will see the “License Agreement” window. Click the “End-user license agreement” checkbox.
  • Then push the “Next” button.
  • Hit “Install” and then press “Finish” when the installation is complete.
  • Next, from the ‘Dialog box’ menu, press the printer you have installed and hit “Next.”
  • Move to the “Printer Registration” and hit Next.
  • Next, press “Agree” and click “Next.”
  • Finally, the new dialog box will display the “Register a printer to Epson Connect” message. Hit “Ok”

How to connect the Epson printer to wifi on a Mac system?

This is a method to help you connect your Epson printer to a WIFI on your Mac. In this procedure, we’ll tell you how to connect your machine to a WIFI via the Epson Connect Printer Setup utility application. Read all 17 steps below to perform this procedure without any extra effort.

  • Search for the ‘Epson Connect’ utility printer setup software.
  • Download and install the software on your Mac.
  • Now, run the app and hit “Continue”
  • You will be asked to “Agree” for a software license.
  • After you agree, click on “Continue.”
  • Install the application now.
  • Next, click “Agree” to accept the terms and conditions.
  • When the installation is finished, choose the product and hit “Next.”
  • To continue, click on the “Printer Registration” button.
  • The dialog box with the message “Register a printer to Epson Connect” will be visible. Push ‘Ok.’
  • Read the terms and conditions and push the “Next” button.
  • 12.If you don’t have an account, create a new one.
  • To register a new product, pick “I already have an account” and then push “Close.”
  • To activate the services, push “Activate Scan to Cloud and Remote Print.”
  • Your Epson printer will be linked to Epson Connect. Open the “Settings” section.
  • Go to the wireless network connection options on your Mac.
  • Now, you have to enter your password for the device and wifi connection.

How do I connect Epson Printer to Wi-Fi on Windows 10 Laptop?

The method of connecting your Epson printer to a Wifi on a Windows 10 PC or laptop is very simple. In just 12 steps, we described this method. Before you start reading these steps, we will advise you to check that your Epson printer is ON and connected to your Windows 10 system.

  • On your Windows 10 system, push the “Windows” key and the “Q” key to open the “Cortana” key.
  • Type “Printer” in the windows search box and tap the “Enter” key.
  • Now, you will get to see “Control Panel” and the systems connected to it. Select your printer.
  • If you cannot find your printer, make sure it is ON and connected. Then click “Add a printer or scanner.”
  • Select your Epson printer from the printer list.
  • Double-click on the name of the printer. Hit “Set up” then.
  • Move to “WiFi settings.”
  • Click on the “Wifi setup” button and run the wifi setup wizard.
  • Find and click the name of your network.
  • You will need to provide your password.
  • Now, hit “Connect.”
  • Your Epson printer may take a while to connect to your WIFI. Once connected, your signal strength will be visible at the bottom right corner of your Windows 10 system screen.

How to connect Epson Printer to a laptop via a software installation CD?

You will get a software installation CD when you purchase an Epson printer. So, we are going to teach you how to connect to the Epson printer via WIFI via this Epson software installation CD. And if you don’t have a CD or DVD to install the Epson software, you don’t need to worry about it. You can visit Epson’s official website to download it.

  • Go to the “Epson Drivers and Downloads.”
  • Just select your product.
  • Choose “Operating System” then.
  • The next step is to choose the version of the operating system.
  • Now, select the language you want to install the software.
  • You will be requested to agree to the “License Agreement” to continue downloading.
  • Then extract the downloaded file.
  • The next step involves running the setup file to start the installation process.
  • Go through the guidelines on your screen to install the software.
  • When requested for a way to install the software, select “Wireless Connection.” Press “Continue” then.
  • Now, hit “Yes” and click “Continue” again.
  • Choose “Printer Test Page” to check if the installation is complete.
  • Once completed, go through the instructions/guidelines to connect your Epson printer to a WIFI connection.

How do I establish Epson WF 3640 Printer and Wi-Fi connection?

You can make your Epson WF 3640 more efficient by connecting it to a WIFI connection. Below, we have provided you with an easy way to connect your device to the WIFI from the Control Panel. Let’s start reading this 10-step operation.

  • Ensure that the name of the wireless network and the network key are with you.
  • Push the “Home” icon on your Epson WF 3640 Printer Control Panel.
  • Push the “Wi-Fi” icon in the upper right corner.
  • Select “Wi-Fi setup” to move forward.
  • Tap the “Wi-Fi setup wizard” button.
  • Pick your wireless network from the list of available wireless networks. To select, use the navigating arrow keys.
  • The next step is to put in the password and push the “Return” arrow.
  • Then push “Proceed” and then tap “Ok.”
  • The device is now okay for wireless printing. Push “Done” when the setup is complete. You can also click “Start” to print a report on the network status.
  • Run the CD provided on your purchase of the Epson WF 3640 Printer to run the device setup on your system. If you don’t have a CD, you can visit Epson’s official website to download the software.

Note: To connect more than one device to your Epson printer, run the startup process with a CD. Push the “Setup” option. Then choose “Printer is already on my wireless network.” Go through the guidelines to continue.

How to connect the Epson ET 2500 to the Wireless Network?

We will use the WPS technique to connect your Epson ET 2500 Printer to a wifi connection. Your router requires being WPS-enabled for this procedure. To check that your router is WPS-enabled, click the WPS button on the device/access point. Now, perform the three simple steps given below.

  • The first phase is to press the “WPS” button on the router/access point.
  • Now, turn the “Wi-Fi” button on your device. Press the “Wi-Fi” option for at least 6 seconds.
  • If the connection is there, the left side of the WIFI light will become green.

How to link Epson L355 to Wi-Fi?

Consider the 14-step process below to establish a connection between your Epson L355 Printer and your wifi router.

  • Firstly, check that the access point is ON. Communication should also be accessible.
  • Make sure your Epson L355 printer is ON.
  • Turn the “Setup” mode now. Tap the “Setup” sign on the “Control Panel” of the device.
  • Use the left and right buttons to navigate to the “Network Settings.” Press the “Ok” button to choose.
  • Now, choose “Wireless Setup.” Push “Ok” then.
  • Then, choose “Advance Setup” Then, press “OK”
  • Select Manual setup or Manual wireless LAN setup. Then press “Ok”.
  • When urged to establish the connection. Press “Ok”.
  • Hit “Infrastructure Mode” to connect to your network using a wireless router.
  • Now, tap “SSID.” If “SSID” does not appear, check whether the access point is reachable for communication.
  • Now, choose the “Network name” you want to connect to.
  • Choose “Security Method” and push “Ok.”
  • Please provide the ‘Security Key’
  • Finally, when you see the settings screen, push “Ok” and completion of the process will take place.

Why is My Epson Printer not connecting to My Wifi?

Your Epson printer may not be connected to your wifi if the location of your device is incorrect. Also, there may be a fault with your router, your password may be incorrect, or the Epson printer driver may not be up to date. We’ve shared 5 solutions to solve this problem. Let’s just check them out.

Change the location of your printer

Due to poor signal strength, you can expect that your Epson printer will not be connected to a wifi connection. Try to change the location of your machine and keep it close to the router. When the signal strength is stronger, try connecting it to your wifi router.

Reset the router and the Epson printer

Is your Epson printer connected to Wi-Fi but offline? This is yet another standard printer issue. The most appropriate option for you is to restart your router as well as your Epson printer. Below are the steps to do this correctly:

  • Plug out the router.
  • Now, wait a minute.
  • Then plug the router in.
  • For a minute, plug out your Epson printer.
  • Now, plug the device in again.
  • Begin the process to set up the wifi on your printer.

Ensure that the Wifi Password is correct

Your Epson printing machine may not be connected to the WIFI due to an incorrect password. For this reason, you should always make sure that your WIFI password has been correctly entered while establishing a connection.

Factory Reset Network Settings

If your Epson printer is not connected to wifi, you can also reset the network settings on your device. Below are the steps:

  • Firstly, please make sure your printer is ON and the screen is ready.
  • Secondly, move to the “Menu” and open the “Settings”.
  • Thirdly, scroll to the bottom to select “Store default settings.”
  • Fourthly, click the “Network Settings” button.
  • When the pop-up settings are visible, tap “Ok”
  • Finally, the Epson printer is going to restore and reboot itself. Connect to the WIFI afterward.

Epson Printer Driver Update

Updating the Epson printer driver can fix bugs that might prevent the machine from connecting to your wifi. You can try the following 5 steps to manually update your Epson printer driver.

  • Firstly, move to Windows Desktop.
  • Secondly, right-click the product icon in the taskbar.
  • Thirdly, now, tap the “Software update” button.
  • Fourthly, go over to the “Utility” tab in the printer settings.
  • Finally, pick “Driver Update.”

Epson Printer Models Suitable for the above methods

You can use the above Wi-Fi connection techniques for the following Epson L Printer series models.

Epson L355 Printer, Epson L385 printer, Epson L380 Printer, Epson L3150 Printer, Epson L3060 Printer.

You can also use the above guidelines shown in this guide for the following Epson XP Printer series.

Epson XP 235 Printer, Epson XP 200 Printer, Epson XP 247 printer, Epson XP 245 Printer, Epson XP 400 Printer, Epson XP 330 Printer, Epson XP 434 Printer, Epson XP 446 Printer.

Frequently asked questions on net

Why is the Epson printer not connecting to WiFi?

If there is no connection between the product and your wireless network. Then, incorrect entry of the WEP key or the WPA passphrase is the cause. Verify that the product is ON and connected to your network. If you have a wireless connection, the WiFi light must be ON. Make sure you set up your network printing software properly.

How do I connect my printer via WiFi?

Navigate to settings and find Printing to add a printer. Once you add your printer, open the application you are printing from and click the three dots that indicate more options (usually in the upper right corner) to locate and select the Print option.

How do I connect my wireless Epson printer to my phone?

Install the Epson Print Enabler plug-in from Google Play on your Android device. Go to Settings on your Android device, select Print, and enable the Epson plug-in. Link your Android device to the very same wireless network as your device. You are ready to print now.


In conclusion, the above methods will also help you to connect Epson to a new wireless router. Also, by using the above methods you can connect the Epson printer to your Windows 10 and Mac computer. Hopefully, this was your Ultimate guide on L3110, L3150, L385, XP-2105 printer to computer via WIFI or a new wireless router on both Mac and Windows 10.

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